Geologist’ s Working Lives Book

Working Lives


Geologists and their work covering 50 years is covered in a new book – ‘Working Lives’ compiled by  Bill Koppe, Peter Hayden and Bill Turner, with editorial support from  Barry Avery (Perth-based).

The cover is a long-wheelbase Landrover up to its radiator in water during a river crossing in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

This book (foreword written by Professor Sue Golding , bSchool of Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Queensland)   incorporate the message of geological processes creating resources that build human civilisation and technologies  including  coal seam gas and carbon capture and storage, that employed  geoscience graduates. Globalisation allowed Australian geologists to work worldwide and  the increased emphasis on the environmental and social impacts of mining and production improved employment options .

These working lives stories encapsulate the evolution of human civilisations and resources  covering the lives  of nearly two dozen geologists and their discoveries of economic resources for a globalised world.

These stories are intertwined within the spectacular growth, diversification and technical innovation that has characterised the Australian resources sectors over the last 50 years, makiing  it world-class with a presence now in many countries around the world. Apart from compilers Bill Koppe, Peter Hayden and Bill Turner, the other stories come from Daud (Brian) Batchelor, Lindsay Bottomer, David Brunt, Neil Clifford, Barry Cotton, Leonard Cranfield, Alan Davies, Geoff Eupene, John Feros, Andrew Graham, Peter Gregory, Neil Krosch, Hamish Paterson, Nev Robinson, Peter Robinson, Roger Scott, John Siemon, Phil Smart, Eric Streitberg and Peter Vickerson.

As is common in mining and exploration  it was not always an easy road to success; many career paths were potholed with retrenchment, collapsing companies, downsizing or as victims of global downturns in the minerals industry due to depressed metal prices. Employment opportunities changed over the period of each person’s career and  where one door slammed shut on the  another opened. Qualifications were improved to be ready for the next slightly different phase of a resources cycle. The knowledge of how geological processes operate to create mineral and energy deposits has enriched their appreciation of the natural world, added to their enjoyment of travelling through it, and a sense of accomplishment that comes from involvement in the discovery and development of economic resources to develop human civilisations.

Design and publication of ‘Working Lives’ ISBN 978-0-85905-731-8,9 (Hesperian Press, Perth, Australia)   costs $30.00 plus $8.55 post Australia wide. Send your delivery details to [email protected] and pay by bank direct, see and details under ‘order.’ Copies may also be picked up from the Hesperian office in Perth, see the website for more details.