Geohistory Tourism – finding your interest


Geohistory tours  combine three main aspects of global tourism –1.Geological evolution of landscapes and resources, 2. plant and animal evolution through time and,3. the emergence of human culture and civilisation.

The oldest form of human tourism is to visit different regions to see how different and similar your neighbours are and to see what type of existence and resources they had.  The battle for these resources a through time has been the main way that human civilizations  have evolved. The increasing global population and knowledge through the internet  has created a range of tours focused on a mass market  for adventure experience away from the ever expanding megacities in which the majority of human civilisation is now concentrated.  Globally there are several UNESCO Geoparks which identify regions of significant geological importance on different continents.  These regions have a range of unique geological rock formations that attract tourists.  Commonly they occur in mountainous regions with little agriculture and are regions of  spectacular scenary.  

Geohistory tourism aims to bring together the  formation of landscapes and resources through geological time and the reasons where human civilisations are concentrated.  The site contains all the regions of the globe concentrated in 5 major core pages. Within each page there will be links to tours in that region. The links may contain self guided or fully guided tours and also included options for  accommodation, dining and local infrastructure and services.

Australia and Pacific Island Chains

Tours in the Pacific and Indian Oceans

Included areas Australian,  the islands of the  Southern Pacific Ocean including Papua New Guinea, West Papua, New Zealand, Fiji, Tonga, Vanuatu, the Solomons,  Cook Islands,  larger island chains such as the Hawain Island chain and Islands to the west of 

Northern Asia region for Geohistory tourism

Tours in Asia

Geohistory Tourism In  Asia   Northern Asia From west to east) Russia, Kazizstan, Afganistan, Mongolia, China, North and South Korea and Japan                                 Southern Asia   From

North America Geohistory

Tours in the Americas

Tours in North and Central America These tours include regions in Alaska, Canada and the USA, Mexico, Tours In South America Highlights of south America tourism include the rich Latin American culture and music of the region.  The covid-19 pandemic

Europe geohistory

Tours in Europe

 European geohistory is dominated by symbols of each civilisation